Boat Life

Freedom WhisperOn October 31, 2014, Carpe Diem officially became part of my life.  She is a 1987 Carver Mariner.  She’s taken good care of us through 3 winters and 2 summers so far and we are learning to take care of her.

Living on a boat, without knowing much about boats, has been one of the craziest and best decisions of my life!

Freedom Whisper

My husband and I sold all our furniture, cut our wardrobes down by more than half, got rid of most of our belongings and have learned to live a minimalist life.  We conserve water and energy but still have lots of home comforts like heat, running water (except during our first winter), a bathroom, kitchen, couch, bed, tv and internet.  It’s been fun for the pets.  Our dog passed away in July 2016 so it’s just the kitty now.  She loves it!

Stay tuned for more stories of our boat life.