What your blood says about you

I heard a whisper.  Test your blood.

Just for fun, I did a live blood cell analysis.  My hero, Tony Robbins, is a big proponent of this as one way to measure your health.  We talked about it briefly when I attended his Life and Wealth Mastery program and I’ve been curious ever since.

What exactly is live blood cell analysis?

It’s a look at your red blood cells under a microscope.  Your finger gets pricked then they look at the one drop immediately.  Your red blood cells can live for about 20 minutes out of your body.

The technician analyzes the shape, colour, opacity, groupings and other details of the cells, including other substances that appear.  Are they well formed in a perfect circle or misshapen?  Are they hollow?  Are they floating freely or clumped together?  Are their smudgy substances?

The technician looks for signs of toxicity/ free-radical damage, nutrient absorption/ utilization levels, protein or bacterial debris.

After reviewing the whole red blood cells, the technician took a paperclip and scraped up the sample on the slide to break open the cells.  We took a closer look at the contents.  I didn’ ttotaly understand this part but the technician was looking for something specific, that would be obvious if present, but she didn’t find it.

Freedom Whisper

My blood looked pretty good, mostly free floating, round.  Some cells had little blotches in the middle, indicating low oxygen carrying capacity (due to low iron, low folic acid, etc.).  Apparently most of the population has inherited a gene that doesn’t absorb folic acid well so many of us are deficient.

There were also some blotches outside of the blood cells that she called protoplasts – metabolic waste or bacterial overgrowth.  Their presence indicated a need to improve bowel health.

The technician recommended some vitamin supplements, a herbal tea cleanse and for me to alkalize my diet (reduce sugar, caffeine, other acidic foods, and increase dark leafy green vegetables).  I picked up some vitamins and Udo’s oil.

I decided not to do the herbal tea cleanse.  While I do those once in a while, I don’t enjoy them and I am researching different places to do a colon hydrotherapy session instead.  Also heard of colon cleanses at Life & Wealth Mastery; it was actually a big component but I opted out since it was that time of the month and I didn’t need any more discomfort.

Gotta cut down on potato chip meals and whole chocolate bars for snacks.  What can I say, this health nut is really a closet junk food junky.  Maybe not totally in the closet – I catch myself walking down the street eating a giant bag of chips!

I’d like to try the live blood cell analysis with a different company to see if they get similar or different readings.

Next fun health to-do’s: colon hydrotherapy, find out my blood type (funny story I’ll tell you about another time) and look at a visit to Med-Can for a baseline.

Some of us falsely believe that our doctors, medical systems, the government, our families, and companies selling food products are responsible for our health.  WRONG.

Your health is up to you.  It’s your body and you have to take care of it.